This a special series of photos and comments compiled by students at Cox Mill High School. Cox Mill teacher Danielle Gaimari directed this project and here is how she described it:

“Digital photography students embodied being photojournalists for a week. They were challenged with finding out who the "REAL" Cox Mill High School students are.

“Photography students interviewed and created uniquely deep conversations with strangers they have never met. During their conversation, students captured photographs of them in their natural school environment to show them as individuals.

“Throughout this class project, photography students found out the diverse cultures and issues that typical high school students experience and that all students face different struggles and obstacles throughout their everyday lives.”

This project was made possible through Cabarrus LINK, a strategic school-business engagement project from the Cabarrus County Education Foundation.  The Cabarrus LINK Program partners schools with business/community partners to bring expertise/volunteers together with the school to collaborate on a hands-on project for students.

Independent Tribune reporter Erin Kidd helped with the project.