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Personal Injuries

By Scott Turow

Scott Turow is an American lawyer turned writer who has now written twelve novels and three non-fiction works.  For those interested four of his novels have been produced as major motion pictures.

Turow's latest creation is Personal Injuries, a novel based in the fictional midwest Kindle County. Many could read this as well as the other novels he has created as being a thin cover for Cook County, Illinois or perhaps St Louis.  The book is completely for entertainment purposes and entertain it will if the reader enjoys deep-seated conspiracies that reach throughout big business and government.  However, if one reads Personal Injuries they'll find themselves drawing comparisons to what has really occurred in North Carolina and Charlotte politics via crooked elections, bent mayors,  etc.  in the last few years.

The main character of the book is Robbie Feaver, a high rolling, big talking attorney who knows how to make bucks the easy way, albeit in a deceitful way. Robbie has no problem greasing the right palms of whoever can make the deal happen. Unfortunately Robbie and his partner both get greedy and draw the attention of the IRS, the last agency you want wondering about your money. The two lawyers eventually come to the attention of an ambitious federal prosecutor who sees self-serving Robbie as a potential road map to taking down much more than a couple of crooked attorneys. Though not for Robbie this is where the real fun begins for the reader. The prosecutor along with a straight as an arrow Mormon FBI agent propose to Robbie a far reaching sting operation that for Robbie is too good to be true. Robbie, as always is up for an easy, well-paying ride. He jumps on board with the deal but discovers what is associated with betraying friends, colleagues, family, and associates.

The reader begins to see that Robbie, the big time man about town, does have a conscience and begins to suffer greatly with the things the government is now forcing him to do to earn his payoff. What ensues is death, betrayal, and suffering that is difficult to imagine. The details of this I'll leave to the reader to discover but suffice it to say it continues right to a true surprise ending for the main characters.

If the reader is looking for a thrilling page turner with a surprise in each chapter this is the book for you. Don't expect a lesson in morality or a tale of why you should always take the straight and narrow path as you well may be disappointed.

This novel is available at the Cabarrus County libraries and in the local book stores. It is also available in an e-book format. Enjoy!

Stan Carpenter is a retired executive from a large industrial firm. He lives in Cabarrus County.

Stan Carpenter
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