Bobbie Cannon Motley

The tornado watch we were under this weekend made me remember a time when I was about ten years old.

Daddy had been watching the sky a lot and he said that we were going to be in for a bad storm.

Mother got the chickens into the chicken house, because the biddies will drown in a rain storm.

They hold their heads toward the rain, for some unknown reason.

Daddy started putting away chairs and other things that would blow away and opening the windows a little upstairs for air circulation.

He kept watching the clouds and when the wind started blowing hard, he told me to get under the house if he told me to run.

I remember standing at the edge of the porch and hearing a roaring coming from the direction of Wallace Dairy, which was then Eastfield road. I could see a huge black circular cloud coming down that direction and it was moving toward the east. I remember seeing things inside the cloud going around and around.

Daddy was watching and said “it is going to miss us and the Tucker house, but is headed toward Harris Lake.

When all the storm had passed Daddy got in his truck and we went down Poplar Tent Road to see if he could help any of the neighbors. Harris Lake was hit very hard. Large trees were twisted as if someone had rung them off the stumps.

I do not remember if any of the houses were hit or not, but do remember seeing those huge oak trees.

I decided to do some research on Cabarrus County tornadoes and found that there was one in 1950, when I was ten years old. It was classed as F1, which had winds of 73 to 112 miles per hour. This was on July 27th 1950, also my birthday but I did not remember this.

I know that we were very lucky to have escaped this horrible storm. It is something that I will never forget.

There was another tornado listed for Cabarrus County in 1954, and it was also a F1, on Nov. 28,1954.

There are probably newspaper articles in the archives about these two storms and I would love to read them if they are available. I will try to find out if they are available and let the readers know where this information can be found.