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CONCORD — The Kannapolis Police Department recently made its rounds to make sure area businesses aren’t selling alcohol to minors.

The police department’s Vice/Narcotics Unit recently conducted compliance checks. During the operation, a minor assisted the police department by going to area businesses attempting to purchase alcohol.

Police said two businesses sold alcohol to the minor and are being charged accordingly — Bethpage Grocery (4940 Mooresville Road) and Food Lion (2825 N. Cannon Blvd.).

Police said employees at the following businesses followed proper procedures and refused to sell the alcohol to the minor: Speedway (2803 N. Cannon Blvd.); Rushco #12 (2595 N. Cannon Blvd.); Food Lion (1746 S. Cannon Blvd.); Speedway (2401 S. Cannon Blvd.); and Food Lion (358 Oak Avenue Mall Drive).

These compliance checks are conducted several times throughout the year at businesses which are selected at random and without bias.

The Kannapolis Police Department says it encourages those engaged in the sale of alcohol through their place of employment to request ID and verify the birthdate of people attempting to purchase alcohol.

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