CONCORD — Drivers were stuck in traffic for hours at Concord Mills on Black Friday, according to the Concord Police Department.

Police posted on social media just after 7 p.m. that it blocked three entrances into Concord Mills Mall from Concord Mills Boulevard.

Police said it was “taking control of the intersections to free up stagnant lanes” and “limit the traffic entering the parking lot while expediting traffic leaving the parking lot.

Police said Concord Mills and Concord Mills Boulevard exceeded capacity.

People on social media said they were gridlocked and stuck for at least two hours.

“Trying to exit the mall for over 2 hours and have only moved 50 feet,” one person said on Twitter.

“My daughter has been trying to leave for almost 3 hours,” another said.

“I’ve been tryin’ for two hours to get out!,” another person said on social media.

Police said Concord Mills Mall and the surrounding shopping areas are private property and police could not shut down access to those areas or manage the number of patrons visiting their businesses.

“Please avoid the area until we can get traffic cleared out,” police tweeted.

Police said the city of Concord Transportation Department was actively monitoring traffic around the mall and making adjustments.

The transportation department can manage and monitor traffic from its new Transportation Management Center.

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