A school bus driver who was caught on video yelling at students was fired, according to Kannapolis City Schools officials.

School officials received a cellphone video from a parent that showed the driver screaming at the middle school students.

WSOC-TV in Charlotte said the video was taken by Julia Jackson’s 13-year-old son Friday afternoon.

The bus was carrying students from Kannapolis Middle School. School officials said the original bus had a flat tire, and they were transferred to a replacement bus to complete the route.

The driver was initially suspended upon school officials first watching the video. After more consideration, the driver was fired.

In the video obtained by WSOC-TV, at one point the bus driver screamed, “I don’t care about none of y’all little kids.”

“The behavior of the bus driver shown on the video is very upsetting and not acceptable at all,” school officials said in a statement. “No one should speak to children like that.”

Kannapolis City Schools officials reached out to families involved to address the incident and to apologize.

“Kannapolis City Schools will never tolerate that kind of behavior from any of its employees,” school officials said. “We have reached out to the families involved to apologize and let them know that we addressed the situation strongly and swiftly.”

School officials plan to meet with all Kannapolis City Schools bus drivers today, Jan. 15, to remind them of the standards and expectations.

“KCS expects all of its employees to treat students with kindness and respect,” school officials said. “Bus drivers are given training at the beginning of each school year that includes these expectations, but the standards clearly were not met in the instance shown on the video. That is why KCS will hold a follow-up meeting with all drivers to re-emphasize the standards with them.”