Goldmine Toastmaster’s Club No. 241 held its meeting Sept. 28. The Toastmaster, Sharon Semidey, introduced “Interesting facts about Sept. 28” as the meeting’s theme.

Al Minter opened the meeting with a thought of the day. Sam Mullis provided a joke to set the mood with laughter. Minter served as Grammarian and “Ah” counter. The “word of the day” was magnanimous, an adjective that describes someone quick and willing to forgive. It also means noble and fair, as in a ruler or leader.

Brenda Stowe served double duty by making sure the group was on schedule by serving as timer and taking over as general evaluator. The ballot counter was Prasanth Ponnamthodiyil. In honor of the theme, Ponnamthodiyil enhanced the impromptu speaking by serving as the table topics master. He had everyone guess and explain what significant event happened on Sept. 28 for the year he provided.

Irene Nelson provided an ice breaker speech, where she introduced herself to Goldmine Toastmasters.

After a five-minute break, Brenda Stowe called on the evaluator, Mullis, to provide feedback and present areas of improvement to Nelson’s speech. Mullis provided feedback to the group with interesting uses of the English language as well as how many times the Word of the Day was used. As a result, no one was awarded the ah-stick.

At the end of the meeting, Ponnamthodiyil presented awards to the following: Best Table Topic Speaker: Sam Mullis; Best Speaker: Irene Nelson; and Best Evaluator: Sam Mullis.

Stowe announced that the club will have its Tall Tales Contest on Oct. 12 at Connect Christian Church in the Pavilion. The time for the meeting will be from 9 a.m. to noon. The church has a playground for children to play and invites everyone to bring a friend. She also reminded us that the Area 11 and 15 Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest would be Thursday, Oct. 10, at 6 p.m. Sonny and Irene were going to compete in the event at the Mooresville War Memorial Building. The club also learned that Rosalee joined the club and received a warm welcome. To learn more about events or the club, visit

Join the Toastmasters at the next meeting at Connect Christian Church in Room 127 on Saturdays, with the exception of a few holidays and special events. The meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. sharp and end by 10 a.m. The club’s goal is to provide an opportunity for each person to speak to the group. Connection Christian Church is at 3101 Davidson Highway in Concord.

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