It’s been a big week for Kannapolis (read Adam Thompson’s stories on new town houses and a downtown block sale) and for people who like to eat out. Here are a few things that might be of interest.

No. 1

New restaurants open now. Crab Fever, First Watch and Silverlake Ramen opened recently.

First Watch and Silverlake are on opposite corners of Christenbury Corners at Concord Mills.

If Sunday’s line out the door is an indication, First Watch could prove as popular at Famous Toastery.

First Watch is open from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Crab Fever is at the former Fatz location at Afton Ridge in Kannapolis. Here’s what the company’s website says: “Busy option for Louisiana-style seafood combos and fresh shucked oysters with quirky maritime decor serving Concord, North Carolina.” I guess they still haven’t figured out they’re in Kannapolis (the U.S. Postal Service still calls it Concord, too).

Our readers seem to really like new places to eat.

No. 2

Lane reflectors coming up on Interstate 85. Did they use defective glue? It hasn’t been that long since those lane reflectors were installed on I-85 between Poplar Tent Road and N.C. 73/Davidson Highway. One of our readers said it is worse between Kannapolis Parkway/George Liles Parkway and N.C. 73.

No. 3

Another thing about no parking in bike lanes. Last week I told you about Concord’s ordinance that makes it illegal to park in marked bicycle lanes in the city. What I forgot was that there doesn’t have to be “no parking” signs.

There are good reasons for that. Cost is one. That would be a lot of signs.

The other is the amount of signs it would take. Does anyone remember all the no parking signs on Poplar Tent Road near I-85 a few years ago? It looked awful. The signs looked like they were 25 feet apart or less. Nobody wants that.

No. 4

Please don’t text and drive. I cross Peachtree Avenue multiple times a day from the parking lot at Locke Mill getting to our offices at the Old Creamery. Drivers blast off Church Street, and you wouldn’t believe how many times I see a motorist with phone in hand, staring at it rather than the street ahead.

Lots of children and teenagers walk that street, too. And there’s a bunch of cats. I don’t want to see any of them hit by a car.

And another thing — please don’t run red lights. Last week, I was sitting in my car on Poplar Tent waiting for the signal to change. Thankfully, I hesitated a second before proceeding because a pickup with a trailer sped southbound through the signal light at least two or three seconds after the lights changed. I would have wound up at Atrium Health Cabarrus or worse if I weren’t so slow.

No. 5

Take stroll or jog down West Avenue. It’s still a work in progress, but it is impressive. My daughter Jordan and I have taken a run through downtown Kannapolis a couple of times in the past week.

One of the things that concerned me about the downtown redevelopment project, including the ballpark, is whether the city and its partners would cut corners. They haven’t.

One of the things that held back the stadium off Lane Street and Moose Road was corner-cutting (cost savings). It could have been a much better stadium and more successful, but it wasn’t.

It appears little or no expense has been spared downtown. There are decks, where we saw a yoga class during the evening last week. I’ve heard of “hot” yoga, so I guess that was “cold” yoga.

There are plenty of spots to sit. There’s a putting green in front of Darrell Jackson’s store.

Even more impressive to me is the large bathrooms/changing rooms. I’m told that in warmer weather kids can play in the fountains, and a place to change would be helpful to parents before they put their kids in the car.

There’s more work to be done, but Kannapolis is off to a great start. They may be converting this skeptic.

Hollywood Burger is coming to the 46 location. If their Facebook page is any indication, it looks like some good food. I ate at 46 one time (you guys know how much I eat). I expect to have a Hollywood burger more often.

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