The end of another busy week brings lots of news, from a hero to future heroes to new restaurants and more.

No. 1

Saving grandmother’s life. Diane Shankle had a close call last week while coming out of the Food Lion on Cannon Boulevard. She started to step off the sidewalk when a car was coming, but her grandson stopped her.

“He saved my life, and I thought people should know about it,” Shankle said. “When I started to step in front of a car, he hollered and pulled me back. It would have been my fault, but he saved me.”

The hero is Anthony Shankle Jr., 19, who accompanied Ms. Shankle to the grocery store and while she was out paying her bills.

“It’s good to know that there’s good young people out there like my Anthony.”

No. 2

Lifeguards needed. The West Cabarrus YMCA needs lifeguards, and a certification class is coming up next week. The need is on all shifts, which are no longer than five hours. Lifeguard certification is required.

The next class is Nov. 15-17 at the West Cabarrus Y. The cost is $175, and the Y says it will work with anyone who needs payment arrangements. Contact senior aquatics director Will McCormick for details at The pay range is $9 to $11 an hour.

No. 3

Have you noticed all the crab places popping up? Crab Fever is the latest, coming soon to Afton Ridge in the old Fatz building.

The company’s website says this about the new location: “Busy option for Louisiana-style seafood combos & fresh shucked oysters with quirky maritime decor serving Concord, North Carolina.”

It is in the Kannapolis city limits, but the mailing address is Concord.

The Afton Ridge location will be the fourth location for the company. The others are in San Diego, Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

There’s been one restaurant at the location since Fatz closed. I can’t remember the name. Kim and I ate there one time and it was OK, but I thought it was on the expensive side. I wasn’t surprised when it closed.

The Crab Fever menu posted on the website shows items ranging from $8 to $23, so I guess the pricing is OK.

The Crafty Crab is coming to the Concord Mills area. It is going to be in the old Mayflower location at the corner of Thunder Road and Pitstop Court. The last restaurant there was The Wooden Spoon, which closed a while back.

The Crafty Crab has a University City location already in the region. That’s the only North Carolina location. There is one in Columbia, South Carolina. Most of the Crafty Crabs appear to be in Florida and Maryland. The company website says menu prices vary by location.

Crab du Jour is another crab restaurant. It’s over in the University City area, too.

I’m not a big crab eater. Maybe I should ask Jameis Winston what kind of crab dishes I should try (football fans will know what I am talking about).

No. 4

A presidential candidate visits. It’s not often a presidential candidate shows up at the Independent Tribune unannounced. That’s exactly what happened this week. Can you guess who it was? I bet there are only a handful of people who could guess it. Thomas Hill will get this one.

It was Jacob Hornberger, a Libertarian Party candidate for president. He will be on the ballot in North Carolina.

Hornberger, a native of Laredo, Texas, is an attorney, the founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation and the author of 12 books.

His latest book is “My Passion for Liberty.” It includes an induction by Ron Paul.

Hornberger asked if we do candidate endorsements. I told him we do not. Even if we did, he was not likely to get it, because he is a Washington Nationals fan. The Braves fans here (Jennie Stamey and I) would not allow it.

No. 5

Why we don’t do endorsements. For many years, the Independent Tribune and our previous papers, The Daily Independent Tribune and The Concord Tribune, made endorsements. It was discussed with the publisher, editor, reporters and, many times, members of the community.

That’s simply not possible now. Endorsements would fall almost exclusively in my lap. It wouldn’t be fair for one person to make that decision. Of course, the world is not fair, but that’s not the reason I don’t do it.

I don’t want to hear all the complaints. Running editorial cartoons, letters to the editor and columns from others already gets me all the complaints I care to hear (and that’s not counting circulation complaints). Here are some of my responses:

“Yes, I know you love the president, but that cartoon is one person’s opinion.”

“Yes, I know you hate Trump. I can’t believe some of the things he does either.”

“I understand you disagree. You can write a letter to the editor or draw a cartoon, and we would be happy to include it on the editorial page.”

Most people are fairly civil, but there are the ones who cause me to slam the phone down.

I’m trying not to break any more phones or knock any more doors off their hinges, so I will not endorse political candidates.

If you have a Friday Five, story suggestion, something I can rant about or if you want to endorse your candidate, email