A Facebook group calling itself “Cabarrus Republicans” is not the official Republican Party, and officials want to make sure voters are aware.

The Cabarrus County Republican Party and Chairman Scott Elliott issued this statement Friday:

“Please be advised that a group called ‘Cabarrus Republicans’ is in no way associated with the Cabarrus County Republican Party or the North Carolina Republican Party.

“This group was recently at the early-voting site at the Cabarrus County Board of Elections passing out a sample ballot that could easily be mistaken for a sample ballot from the Cabarrus County Republican Party. Complaints have been received from both candidates and voters. This group established the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CabarrusRepublicans/ that also posted a copy of the aforementioned sample ballot. This is confusing to the voters in Cabarrus County.

“It should be duly noted that the Cabarrus County Republican Party operates by a plan of organization. The plan of organization prohibits the party from endorsing candidates in Republican primary elections. The actions noted above are in clear violation of the plan of organization.

“The North Carolina State Board of Elections and the North Carolina Republican Party have been made aware of the situation.

“For official Republican Party information, visit the Cabarrus County Republican Party at https://cabarrus.nc.gop/ and the North Carolina Republican Party at: https://www.nc.gop.”