Concord Police Department

Shoppers are again questioning the lack of curfew at Concord Mills after an incident involving teenagers at the movie theater over the weekend.

Witnesses told WSOC-TV some stores went on lockdown Saturday night as dozens of teens ran through the mall. Shoppers told the new station they were terrified even though police said there was no evidence of violence.

The Concord Police Department tweeted at about 7:40 p.m. after the incident saying “We responded to a crowd of teens that ran through AMC theaters. AMC took precautionary safety measures. No violence or destruction of property occurred and AMC is operating under normal conditions.”

Police said they aren’t sure if a curfew will help, but told Channel 9 it is an example of parents needing to be more involved with teaching behavior.

The mall also released a statement that said, “The safety of our shoppers, guests, employees and staff is always our number one priority at Concord Mills. We have several security measures – both seen and unseen – in place to maintain a fun, safe, family-friendly environment.

“Concord Mills works closely with the Concord Police Department and is host to a local precinct to allow for added security throughout the center and surrounding community.”

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