Concord Parkway bridge

Parts of the sidewalk and guttering on the Concord Parkway bridge project didn't meet NCDOT specs so it had to be torn out and replaced by the contractor. The hope is the new bridge will be in service by Labor Day. Mark Plemmons/

Once upon a time in Cabarrus County, it seemed everything shut down the week of The Fourth. There haven’t been many people around this week, but it seems like we’ve been going wide open all week anyway. Let’s dive right into the Friday Five.


Back to work on the bridge. Construction on the bridge over the railroad tracks on Concord Parkway hit a little bump a couple of weeks ago. Apparently there was an issue with the guttering and sidewalk.

“Our contractor temporarily stopped construction last month,” according to N.C. Department of Transporation spokesperson Jen Thompson. “There was a section of curb and guttering that had been poured that did not meet our plan specifications. It basically was not in conformity to our plans.”

Surveyors for NCDOT and the contractor evaluated the situation and determined that section of curb and guttering had to be taken out, Thompson said.

“The curb and guttering needs to be poured right before the paving and wedging in advance of the traffic shift that we hope to get done before Labor Day,” Thompson said.

The weather and the subcontractors’ paving schedule are factors that could affect whether the road is switched by then.

Concord Parkway bridge

NCDOT said the contractor got back to work this week, tearing out some of the guttering and sidewalk that will have to be replaced. Mark Plemmons/

I know I will be glad when that teeth-rattling temporary bridge (on the southbound side) is taken out of service. Maybe they should have gotten the surveyors involved with leveling the road with the edge of that bridge.

Concord Parkway bridge

Work on the Concord Parkway bridge over the railtracks had stopped while the N.C. Department of Transportation and the contractor worked through an issue with curb and guttering. Mark Plemmons/


A second PDQ coming to the area. PDQ, which has a location on Concord Mills Boulevard, is building a restaurant in the Walmart at NorthLite.

The quick service chicken restaurant will occupy the space previously held by McDonald’s.

The sign is already up on the outside of Walmart. I tried looking through the plastic, but couldn’t tell how far along the construction is.

Another PDQ is going into a Walmart in Charlotte. When the Walmart locations open there will be 12 PDQs in North Carolina including the Tenders in Cornelius.

NorthLite is confusing to a lot of folks. Is it Concord or is it Kannapolis? North of Roxie Street is the City of Kannapolis and south of Roxie is in the City of Concord. So the Kannapolis Walmart is in Concord.


Big space available soon at Concord Mills. Work continues on the Home Goods/T.J. Maxx in the old Toys R Us building across Concord Mills Boulevard from the mall. We’ve learned that the store currently in mall will across the street.

That will leave a pretty big empty space inside the mall.

T.J. Maxx officials are hopeful the new location will be more attractive to locals, who might not frequent the mall. Having a Chick-Fil-A and a Krispy Kreme nearby should help with traffic to the new location.

Still no word on the Krispy Kreme the opening date, but the company took applications all last week at Residence Inn off O. Bruton Smith Boulevard. Hot doughnuts soon!


More changes inside the mall. A shooting gallery has opened at Concord Mills across from the entrance to T.J. Maxx. All On Target is an airsoft shooting range.

It’s not the first shooting gallery in the mall. Bass Pro Shoppe used to have a shooting range near the mall entrance/exit from the store. It’s been out of service for several years.

On Target gives you 50 shots for $9.99. If you can knock down all the targets you get a prize.

Around the corner, an Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop along with a Jamba Juice is going into the spot left when a cookie shop left. Auntie Anne’s already operates a kiosk and another shop in the mall. There hasn’t been a Jamba Juice in Cabarrus County since the smoothie store closed at Target at Afton Ridge.


Missed opportunities. Our receptionist Jennie Stamey and our reporters are taking some time off this week. I’ve found out just how much work they do. I’ll be glad when they’re back next week.

One thing I’ve noticed while typing up church news for today’s paper. Most of our churches aren’t taking advantage of our services. Jennie keeps a master list for sermon topics. That list has the name of the church, location, pastor and service time. Each week she types in the sermon title and scriptures for the churches who send them.

We don’t run the church’s name if they don’t send in their sermon topic. The master list is more than 1500 words long. The sermon topics in today’s paper total about 240 words.

Is there a reason your church doesn’t send in their announcements and sermon topics? It’s easy, email We also post the information on our website.

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