Five Oaks Rehab has been certified by Vohra Wound Physicians as a Center of Excellence for Wound Management. Only 10 percent of Vohra’s skilled-nursing-facility partners have qualified for the annual certification.

According to a news release, Five Oaks places a top priority on healing and rehabilitating its residents to return them to their homes.

The facility admits patients with chronic or complex wounds because it is equipped to treat them with the specialized wound management program.

“We have partnered with Vohra Wound Physicians to bring physician-led bedside wound care to our facility,” the Five Oaks release said. “A Vohra wound physician visits our facility weekly to treat our residents with wound and skin issues. This reduces the need to send our residents out to wound care centers or hospitals.”

The multi-specialty team treats all types of wounds, such as pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial wounds, diabetic neuropathic wounds, post-surgical wounds and others.

The wound physician works with the primary-care physicians, physical therapists, staff nurses and other specialists to ensure the residents are receiving excellent wound care.

As long-term facilities continue to provide more specialized services with complex ailments, the presence of a wound physician is an important link in providing superior care.

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